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"I went to see Dr. Pinhasov on a Sunday- which is SO convenient! We got there early, all of our paper work was ready to go, and we had no wait time! I felt comfortable immediately. I have never had a dentist go over X-Rays with me, but he went slide by slide explaining each detail. It was so refreshing to see what the problem areas in my mouth were, instead of taking the dentist's advice with no back up. I also felt that he does not want to do unnecessary procedures to drag the price up- we talked about what will need to be done in the distant future, but he was not quick to say I needed to have procedures done. The cleaning- amazing! he was so thorough- and my teeth have never felt better. My last dental apt. was not good, and I am SO GLAD I found a reliable dentist! I would highly recommend!"

Bridget S.

"As mentioned before me, it was a Sunday morning with terrible toothache that brought me to Dr Boris and I dare say it was the best worst experience because I finally found a dentist worth sticking with in NYC! Dr Boris and his stuff are very friendly, professional, attentive, well-informed and the office runs like a clock. He would always take me through the process and give me all options available so I can make an informed decision. Dr Boris made possible the unthinkable; making my visits to the dentist pleasant! Highly recommended!"

Eleni M.

"5 Stars! Being a busy New Yorker, I initially found Dr. Boris because of his Sunday hours. My husband and I have been going to him for two years now and i can honestly say he is the best dentist we have ever had. He has a terrific bedside manner, he is always prompt with apts. his office is very clean, and above all he is thorough. he will go over all X rays with you, and explain to you why he is doing what he has to do. You will never get the sense that he is trying to up-sale you or do any unnecessary procedures. My husband had to have pretty extensive dental work over a series of several weeks- Dr. Boris went above and beyond what he needed to do to make sure that my husband felt comfortable, and even called him on his personal time to make sure the healing processes was going well. Definitely 5 stars."

Naomi P.

"Dr. Pinhasov was absolutely amazing! I got 3 fillings from my previous dentist, but one of them hit a nerve in my tooth. I booked an appointment late Saturday night after an immense amount of pain, and went in to his office the next day, on a Sunday! There was another emergency at the same time, but when he saw me in so much pain, he reached a stopping with his patient, and gave me some novacaine to help alleviate the pain before finishing with his other emergency. He gave me a root canal, and made me feel absolutely comfortable. He and his staff were very kind! i will definitely be back to get more work done."

Vivian L.

" Dr. Pinhasov is truly a gem. He is very thoughtful, kind and caring. Quite honestly, I was pleasantly surprised when he explained thoroughly every step of the procedure. I was grateful for his explanations especially since I am really scared of dentists! If you are looking for a dentist-- look no further! You will be seen right away, treated with respect, and of course, the location is great!!!"

Mia K.

"I am new to the city and did not have a dentist here yet. A few weeks back I had a cavity filled at my previous dentist and it was suddenly causing me a lot of pain. It was the weekend so I was so happy to find Dr. Borris was open on Sunday and able to see me right away! Dr. Borris took the time to find out the source of my problem, redo the filling, as well as fill the cavity in the tooth next to it to be sure that wasn't the source of my pain. He took his time to do everything very thoroughly, make sure I was comfortable, and explain everything to me from the problem, procedure, and insurance. I booked my next exam with him before I left as well. I definitely believe I am good hands with Dr. Boris!"

Caillin M.

"Dr. Pinhasov is simply the best. After years of trying out different dentistry practices, I have finally found one that is conveniently located, highly efficient, and meticulously maintained. Dr. Pinhasov is extremely professional and friendly. I had four wisdom teeth extracted here, and he made sure that I was as comfortable as I could be throughout the procedure. He followed up with me several times later on to make sure that I was recovering well. Dr. Pinhasov is one of the few doctors who genuinely cares about his patients and demonstrates a high level of expertise at the same time. I highly recommend him for special procedures as well as routine cleaning."

Isabella S.

"My front tooth chipped yesterday evening and I went on zocdoc to schedule the earliest appointment possible before work. Luckily Dr Boris was able to see me 7:30am because I made a special request! I'm so grateful the tooth was fixed before starting work, I would've been traumatized. Thank you. The work is impeccable. No one can tell I had work done!!"

Becky M.

" I recently had an emergency with a chipped molar - my worst nightmare come to life, walking snaggle toothed through the streets of NYC - and was able to schedule an appt. immediately and easily. I wound up needing a crown and the entire experience has been great (as great as getting your face drilled in to can be) - with Dr. Boris providing excellent care and taking the time to explain every tiny step of the procedure and of the costs/options as well, and making sure I was totally comfortable before proceeding. I normally hate going to the dentist - on top of finding it unpleasant, I am irrationally terrified - and actually decided not to go to 23rd st dental to handle this due to the terrible and impersonal care I had been receiving there. My last visit to Dr. Boris I walked in smiling. Dr. Boris was professional and personable - he actually called me personally after I scheduled my visit to let me know I'd have to use an alternate entrance. It was 17 degrees out that day so I appreciated not having to walk an extra block!!"

Melia J.

"I can't recommend Dr. Pinhasov enough. The facility is very clean and high tech. Dr. Pinhasov is thorough and explains everything to you including your insurance coverage. He does not push any procedure that isn't necessary but explains all your options fully. He is also very friendly and the cleaning was completely painless. Was my second visit and I will continue to come back."

Anonymous Patient

"Unbelievable dentist. Ive switched since i moved and my stains just wouldn't go away by my previous dentist. My previous dentist claimed it was not possible to remove my stains; however after leaving my clean up with Pinhasov my teeth have virtually no stains left. When i smile i finally don't feel ashamed of the stains i had. Young dentists usually have more energy and more potential. Thanks doctor!"

Anonymous Patient

"Dr. Pinhasov is amazing. The office is beautiful and he provides very personal care. I went in for teeth cleaning and whitening and he took the time to review my x-rays, explain his concerns and answer all of my questions. My teeth are noticeably whiter. He is honest and very professional. The thing I appreciate most is that he is conservative with his recommendations and doesn't do unnecessary work. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for first-rate service."

Anonymous Patient

"Dr. Boris is the best! I'm not afraid to see the dentist anymore. He is very thorough with the dental procedures, is upfront about the costs, and has great bedside manner. He is not condescending; he really cares about your dental health, which I really appreciate. Mandy, the receptionist, is also very pleasant and easy to work with. I initially looked for a place close to where I work but I plan to stay with them even if I move. So many of my coworkers are patients of his because I can confidently refer them to him. The cozy midtown office is conveniently located and highly equipped. One thing I want to point out is that he did not charge me extra for doing another round of deep cleaning, which was extremely generous. Also, shots are the worst but he is very gentle when administering. And I never knew that teeth cleanings could be painless!"

Mina S.

"Just moved into the city from Jersey for work reasons and needed to find my self a new dentist so i found Dr. Pinhasov and booked an appointment. He was extremely gentle and i was completely satisfied with his work. His office is right off 5th avenue in midtown which is very convenient for me. I fit my cleaning in before work and couldn't be happier with my decision. I have found my new dentist!"

Anonymous Patient

" I was cursed to have bad teeth and blessed because my wife found Dr Boris a month before everything in my mouth started falling apart. He is a kind, compassionate and caring professional in every manner. Dr Boris' respect for the practice of dentistry is evident in his thorough and complete knowledge of how best to work with each individual patient. The professional care he has given me has exceeded my expectations and delighted me with a healthy and beautiful smile."

Phil S.

"Dr Boris made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The level of care is unmatched. He answered all of my questions and explained everything in detail. He also told me what my insurance would pay and what I would pay. There was no pressure at all and the staff is very polite. By the end of my appointment I can honestly say I no longer fear the dentist. I would definitely recommend."

Danny S.

"Dr. Pinhasov was kind, warm, and gentle. He graciously accommodated my need to push my appointment back at the last minute due to my not feeling well in the morning. He proceeded efficiently with my cleaning, gave me sound flossing advice, and patiently engaged me when I asked questions about fluoride and its administration by dentists and the government."

Kenneth M.

“Dr. Boris is the best! I'm not afraid to see the dentist anymore. He is very thorough with the dental procedures, is upfront about the costs, and has great bedside manner. He is not condescending; he really cares about your dental health, which I really appreciate…So many of my coworkers are patients of his because I can confidently refer them to him. The cozy midtown office is conveniently located and highly equipped…Also, shots are the worst but he is very gentle when administering. And I never knew that teeth cleanings could be painless!”

Mina L.

“I know it can be hard to decide when shopping around for a medical provider and all of a doctor's reviews are overtly positive, but Dr. Pinhasov is the real deal and there isn't anything bad I can say about him. He is HANDS DOWN the best dentist I have ever had and I will stick with him as long as I can. What's so great about him? - He sees me on time every visit, - They are EXTREMELY clean and change their gloves frequently. (I love this) - All options and pricing is provided and explained before any work is started. - Dr. Pinhasov explains in great detail precisely what he is billing for and why. My out of pocket costs are never a surprise. - He and his staff are all consummate professionals and genuinely friendly. - They are open on Sundays. - All of my visits have been virtually and physically painless.”

Keenan T.

“I've been to many dentists and can confidently say these guys are as good as it gets. I had a severe phobia and had avoided the dentist for three years-- and had come in with a chipped tooth plus years worth of additional damage. Dr. Boris was extremely kind and walked me through all options-- ranging in cost so I could choose what was most affordable to me. I chose a plan that worked for my finances, and left me with an amazing smile that I never though would be possible. I'm happy to say that I've found a dentist who I can trust and will stick with long-term. The entire team at BP dental deserves 10++ stars.”

Alison S.

“I have visited quite a lot of dentists, good and bad, in USA and abroad, but Dr. Boris has to be the BEST dentist ever!...He is extremely skillful, very professional, super helpful, clear, and has excellent bedside manners. His staff is great too. They are very accommodating for scheduling appointments, following up after appointments etc.…I get a feel that doctor is also very hard working since they are open on Sundays too. I had a dental emergency once, and they were great at giving me an appointment on a long weekend at the very last minute and I was treated very effectively the same day! They are also very clear and honest about the pricing, and they give you the best advice for utilizing insurance benefits. Everyone is super nice at this place, and all my visits have been extremely pleasant.”

Ritvik M.

“Over the course of more than a year, the work I had done included: 2 extractions, 1 root canal, 6 upper porcelain crowns, and an upper partial. Dr. Boris never lost his caring attention to any issue or question that I had along the way. He had infinite patience for my concerns and questions, and I had a lot of them. I would email him if I thought of another question, or if I was worried in particular about something. He was always available and assuring. He wanted me to be happy, and I was….My instincts knew he was smart and that he loved his work. Also, I liked his soft way of speaking. It gave me a feeling that all was going to be well. And it was. He's located in a wonderful building in midtown. The office also shows the respect and care he has for patients -- it's IMMACULATE.”

Carole K.

“I've been going to Dr. Boris for about two years. I have found him to be very professional, skilled and friendly. I am very confident in Dr. Boris' competence based on the quality of work that he has done on my teeth and I have a lot of respect for him and his team. The office is very modern and comfortable, and the office staff are friendly. Details on costs and how much the insurance will cover are always clearly explained. I highly recommend this dental practice.”

Albert C.

“Dr Boris is the absolute best! I discovered his office when I had a terrible root canal situation on a Sunday and no other offices were open. Little did I know Dr Boris would be the only dentist I trust to touch my teeth! Him and his staff are so welcoming and were really willing to help in any possible way. They always follow up before and after every appointment, even if it is just a cleaning. With multiple appointment reminders as well. Dr Boris, himself, is always very accessible which makes for a very pleasant atmosphere. Thank you Dr Boris and team!”

Sharon W.

“I have now been to Dr. Boris on two occasions. Both visits were for routine cleanings, and he was was very attentive to my specific needs and concerns each time. There are no long lines in the waiting room, and everyone in the office makes you feel very welcome. Dr. Boris is extremely punctual and efficient, yet still happy to take the time to get to know each of his patients and answer any specific questions you may have. I would absolutely recommend his practice to friends and family!”

Jeremy D.

“I've been coming to see Dr. Boris for over 2 years, and I have to say he is the best dentist one can ever expect. I got 4 wisdom teeth removed last year smoothly, and this year he finished my invisalign treatment with super perfect result. He is both extremely professional and very caring. He answered all my questions with great patience and detailed information…He did treatment with great efficiency and gentleness, you can feel that he treats you more like a friend and cares for your feelings all the time. I've seen other more expensive dentists, but none of them care your questions or the pain you are going through like Dr. Boris. The office is very clean and patient-friendly, with great flexibility making appointments and no wait time at all…You can tell from every detail that they pay great attention to the sterilization and hygiene of equipment, large or small. Everything looks so clean and new that they beat the most expensive dentist I've seen on the fifth Ave. Highly recommend, and you will never regret.”

Wendy W.

“Once i moved to the city I had to find a new dentist which was not an easy task. I went on ZocDoc and found Dr. Boris, I was sold on the location and the pictures posted. When I showed up everything was as pictured and most importantly he ...More”Once I moved to the city I had to find a new dentist which was not an easy task. I went on ZocDoc and found Dr. Boris, I was sold on the location and the pictures posted. When I showed up everything was as pictured and most importantly he does excellent work. His office is always clean and he has all of the latest equipment and a professional staff. Dr Boris himself is professional, patient, friendly and very knowledgeable. He has been very helpful on every trip I make there. I have been to several dentists before him and all of them required extensive waiting and the service was very inconsistent. This is the best dentist I have been to and I highly recommend him!”

Tom E.

“In a city like New York, you rarely get the level of care attention given in Dr. Boris's office. From the administration staff and their thorough follow-up, to Dr. Boris's dental assistant, to Dr. Boris himself, every aspect of the experience was handled with care. As some what of a hypocondriac, Dr. Boris discussed every potential dental issue I was concerned about and walked me through the results of my check up. I felt very looked after and the experience was overall, effortless on my part.”

Shauna S.

“Dr. Boris was very professional and had a great personality. I went in for cleaning as well as removal of cavities. Dr. Boris walked me through everything that needed to be done and was able to even detect a few things I had before me bringing them up. He made the cavity removal process very smooth and not painful. The office is very clean, and I did not have to wait at all for my appointment. Billing personnel was also very nice. Great experience overall, I definitely recommend Dr. Boris.”

Jose C.

“I began seeing Dr. Boris in early 2014 when I needed emergency wisdom teeth removal. He was extremely kind and was not just looking to make a buck, he genuinely wanted to help and cared about my health and comfort…The office is always well maintained and clean and you're always warmly welcomed by his receptionist, Mandy and assistant Gregory. Everyone at BP is super informative and truly cares about patients. They are always willing to work with your schedule and take the time to breakdown your insurance and explain your coverage so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself in to, an absolute rarity in New York. The difference in my smile in just 2 years has changed my entire life and confidence. I'll continue to see Dr. Boris for as long as is in practice.”

Virginia T.